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March 28, 2010

So Tim Tebow is the most talked about QB going into the draft in just over 3 weeks. He had a legendary career at Florida and will go down as the greatest college football player ever. That’s pretty friggan awesome. I wish I was the best at something. Anything for that matter.

He has earned every right to be drafted and to compete for a shot at being a professional player. Aside from all the religous mumbo jumbo he shoves down peoples throat, the man will catch on to a team and try out for a spot.

But where does he belong? Do you spend a 1st round pick on someone who looks more like he is pitching a softball in a little league tournament, or do you wait for him to fall and then gobble him up in a later round, assuming 31 other teams do as well. That is the money question.

He does a hell of a job making you cheer for him to succeed and be a great player, but his consistant use of the words Jesus, God, Blessed, and Faith make me wonder what he is trying to sell. Not since the old days of pitchmen have I heard someone use words over and over and over to try and sell his faith. He comes off like a phony to me.

Faith and god are a private matter to each individual, but does God really favor your team over the others? If that was the case, Chad Henne and his Michigan Wolverines tore Tebow a new asshole, and god did not bless him as much as he thinks.

Hell I think there is already a great QB already in the NFL that is stuck on a bum roster and has twice the “intangibles” and tangibles Tebow has. That’s Troy Smith.

Don’t follow his stats on Madden, look at what this guy has accompished on the field in College. Bad bowl game aside, he was a monster that has never been given the chance to succeed. I would love to see the Ravens trade or cut him so he can go to a team and be the leader he was back at Ohio State. This is the guy that got Teddy Ginn Jr to be drafted 9th overall back in 07. He clearly knows how to build up shit recievers.

But I digressed, I hope Tim Tebow blows up in the NFL and has a great career. It’s tough to root and cheer against someone who just wants to win and be great at something. I just hope he’ll follow the advice of one of the other NFL college prospects, and would “shut the fuck up.”

Teams aren’t looking for missionaries. They are looking for QB’s. Don’t confuse the two.