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This is your fault John McCain

March 28, 2010

Shame On You

You unleashed this moron on to the world. How people in Alaska even put this person into office makes me question their intelligence and how high the state’s education standards are.

Mr. McCain, I loved you to death back in 2000. If I was old enough, and not an immigrant, I would have backed you a 100% to be the next leader of the free world. But your yearning to become president has rotted out your core and filled it with snow and $100,000 shopping spree’s.

You picked Sarah Palin as your running mate and decided to pick the dumbest fucking slogan I have ever heard: Maverick. Why not call yourself molasses? You’re obviously slow enough for it to stick. But campaign bullshit aside, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

This idiot makes Glenn Beck look like the “revolutionist” he claims to be. Her frequent screw ups, not just with the media, but with life as well, has pushed a once great political party into the sewers. Think about it. You go from Roosevelt, Lincoln, Taft, and Eisenhower to someone who thinks she can see Russia from her house. I wish I could get some of that super Lasik. Fuck seeing 100 feet in front of me, I wish I could through Asia.

Where do these people come from? When do I wake up and realize that I was just hit over the head by a rogue bowling ball?

And not to knock people’s opinions, but really? You rally around her? Of all the fucking people in the world, Sarah Palin. Really.

The Teabaggers have a better chance of rallying around the dead guy from Weekend at Bernie’s. At least he can really keep you on your feet with his hypnotic dancing. Hell I’d take a porn star over Palin anyday. They’ll show you how to really Teabag.

For the first time people are protesting for something they may or may not fully understand, and this retard is leading the charge? Shit, if I was a Teabagger, I’d do what most guys do to one night stands and ignore her as hard as I can. If not, she may rise to power and be what John McCain couldn’t be…

Just fucking with you. Satan would rise from hell and bring forth the end of the world before that would ever happen.

At least I hope so…